Mission & Culture

The Mission
To lead all generations to know Christ & Him known
to lead: every life has influence—leadership is about directing your influence, and mission is about directing your influence to serve a purpose bigger than yourself.
all generations: the church’s mission begins with its downline—the young need the old to discover their purpose, the old need the young to fulfill their purpose.
to know Christ: the thing the matters most today for every person on earth is the only thing that will matter in 10,000 years from now for anyone: knowing Christ.
and make Him known: accordingly, we seek to direct all our influence to serve his purpose to make himself known to all nations through all generations.
To lead all generations to know Christ & make Him known
The Culture
Culture is both the work of community and the fruit of that work. It refers to the organic life of a community, the unique “spirit” that makes it different from other communities. God’s vision for the culture of the local church—for the work of the church community and the fruit of that work—is called Koinonia (typically translated “fellowship” or “partnership” in the New Testament). Koinonia refers to the life of the Holy Spirit shared in the church community as Christ’s Body through each member’s active and concrete contributions that nurture the life and health of the Body. These ongoing contributions (the work) of each member form a community that is held together in ongoing gift exchange of the Body of Christ in the fellowship of the Spirit, in koinonia. In the New Testament, six of these contributions are explicitly identified as the work of koinonia: presence, prayer, words, work, and food.
We value the active contributions of every member in the ongoing exchange of a Koinonia Culture: