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Neighborhood News- December 19, 2019

Bless the Children Sunday 

This Sunday is Bless the Children Sunday.  On the fourth Sunday of each month our children are invited to begin our worship together and we are asked to lay our hand on someone younger than ourselves and bless them.  Well, for the majority of us, we are blessing another adult, not a child.  So, how does saying a blessing to someone younger than ourselves bless the children among us? Shouldn’t we call it, Bless Everyone Sunday?  Or shouldn’t we have the children come up front and all of us reach out and bless them? I have been thinking about this, because I don’t want to our traditions to become rituals.   

I would like to share with you a picture of what is really happening here and what a community that blesses each other in this way is really doing.   

Picture a mountain with glaciers clinging fast to its sides. From each glacier, the oldest of us, a drop of water falls; a blessing, the size and shape of a teardrop. The drops of blessing gather together, as the older bless the younger, until they form many running, chuckling streams. The streams form creeks (that’s a crick, Pastor Jeremy) creeks join to form small rivers, as we continue to bless each other, older to younger, grandparents to parents. 

As the small rivers join, they become more powerful.  They are no longer running and chuckling streams, but rushing, roaring, pounding, irresistible.  As parents we try to channel, levee, dam, and tame this power, because we know too much about fear and mistrust.  

Finally, the river slams into our little ones and pile drives them deep.  WE hear screams and we project our fears, but these are screams of laughter and joy.  For the children know how to trust and they know that this river is the Kingdom of God, and it belongs to them.  The river holds them, cradles them, tosses them high and catches them.  It whispers its secrets to them and nourishes them.  This is a wild, untamed, dangerous river, oh, but it is good! 

As we say this blessing together Sunday morning, give, receive, and pass on those drops, cricks, streams, and rivers of blessing.  And parents, let the river flow through you to your children so they can experience the Kingdom of God that is theirs. 


Steve Robinson


Upcoming Events

Men’s Breakfast

Saturday. December 21st
Putter’s Restaurant
Join us for breakfast and fellowship!

Ecuador 2020

July 10-19, 2020

Applications are due to Pastor Eric by Sunday, December 22nd.

 We will be going to Huaticocha Ecuador. The estimated cost is $2500.00.

Click HERE for the Application.

NEW Member Class

Starting Sunday, January 12th
Generations Center
Sign up at the Connection Point to attend this class or contact
Childcare will be provided if signed up.

2 Year Bible Reading Bookmarks

Pick up a copy of the 2 Year Bible Reading Bookmark from the Connection Point!

Christmas Season

Advent Calendar
Pick up an Advent Reader and Frankincense Candle at the Connection Point.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Tuesday, December 24th 6:00pm
(No Childcare provided as we desire to gather as a family)

Advent Offering: Kitsap Homes of Compassion

The invitation to participate comes in response to the gift of Jesus and our desire to live generously as He did. Our vision of leading all generations to know Christ and make Him known includes the scope of our neighborhood to all nations.  Our heart is to invest in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington, the United States, and the world because that is the heart of the Father.  In light of this, Kitsap Homes of Compassion has been identified as the target of our Advent Offering.

You are free to give throughout the month of December, but our main offering will occur at our Christmas Eve Service.  Please be sure to designate your gift “Advent Offering” either on your check, on the envelope or online via the drop-down tab.

Church Office Closed
December 25th–January 1st

Christmas Booth

Check out the Christmas Booth for family pictures!
Located by the stained glass windows.

Alliance Stamp Ministry 

This particular time of the year used stamps are in abundance! 

Did you know that Crossroads participates along side the Great Commission Women  and the Alliance Stamp Ministry to collect stamps?

Used stamps are sold and the income from their sales goes to support preparation, publishing, and distribution of Spanish language curriculum for Sunday Schools.

All it takes is putting used stamps in a baggie and dropping them off at the Connection Point or Church Office anytime during the year!

Adult Classes

Sunday 9:00am Class
Watch for a new class starting in the new year.

Around the Table Bible Study (Men)
Wednesdays Room 115, 6:30pm
Will be off Wednesday, December 25th and Wednesday, January 1st.

See you in the New Year!

Women’s Bible Study
New study starting in January 2020!

Food Pantry Donations Needed!

Our Food Pantry is in need of:
Canned meat (tuna, chicken, spam), peanut butter and jelly, and pasta items.

Drop off is to the left of the Connection Point or the Church Office.


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