Benevolent Initiative

Last Sunday (3/29), we announced our Benevolent Initiative, which began by designating last week’s offering to the Benevolent Fund. The staff met with the Benevolent Team on Tuesday to discuss how we could use the money to help:

  1. meet needs within our church and the community at large
  2. mobilize our church to serve one another and our neighbors

Corresponding to these goals, we have created two forms, accessed through the links below: (1) Get Help, (2) Give Help. Respectively, you can find forms that have been designed to streamline the process receiving assistance and providing services during this time.

If you and your family’s income or ability to meet your basic needs have been significantly affected by COVID-19, we would love to serve and support you in the days ahead. And if not, we would love to give you the opportunity to join in helping serve and support those who need it! 

“Those who are strong have an obligation to help those who are weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us, therefore, serve our neighbors for their good, to build them up” (Rom. 15:1-2). 

In this together, 

Pastor Jeremy